Saturday, December 15, 2012

LLC and Corporation Business Formation

After a brief hiatus (well, 3 years), we're back.  We've formed Apex Counsel, an Illinois law firm focusing on business law and estate planning services for Illinois businesses and individuals.  From, Illinois residents can create their own legal forms for various uses.

From the site, "Apex Counsel is a law firm fully vested in utilizing the Internet to enable clients unprecedented levels of service and cost.

While we provide traditional legal services, we are dedicated to helping businesses and individuals help themselves by keeping costs to a minimum through our smartform technology throughout this site.

We provide all of our clients with a secure Client Account that allows 24 hour access to our law office. This law practice technology enables clients immediate access to attorney-client discussion threads, calendar of events, case status updates, billing information, client files, online forms, legal research, and confidential legal documents."
I will review additional benefits of using Apex Counsel for Illinois legal needs in future posts, as well as services offered and issues related to Illinois business law and Illinois estate planning.  For now, information about these topics can be found at the Business Law Learning Center and the Estate Planning Learning Center on the Apex Counsel site.

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